A soon-to-air show on a Science channel - 'What on Earth' is going to reveal that the Ram Setu of Ramayana was not a natural bridge but instead man-made. The episode will be titled 'Ancient Land Bridge'.


The channel has not disclosed the timing of the show to be aired but garnered a lot of hype with it's tweet on Twitter.

Reasons it is man made?

The claim of the bridge being man-made is supported by the American geologists and archeologists. According to them "The rocks on top of the sand actually pre-date the sand. So there is more to the story."

More information related to the claim will be revealed on the show. 


The disclosure by the geologists has given a shot in the arm for those who say epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat are just myths and fictional stories but they are the description of something which actually happened.